Do you have a health and fitness information filter?

Hello friend. Do you ever feel overloaded with information? 

If you enjoy reading 20 articles a day about fitness, nutrition and martial arts.

If you have the time to train a couple of hours a day, and are already in the best shape you can possibly be in, then this message is probably not for you. 

Give us a chance and we will attempt to provide you with up to date, effective information that is easy to digest.  

My belief is that there isn’t much out there in fitness, nutrition and even martial arts that is mind-blowing new.

There are smart people, and there is common sense.  Smart people often have valuable information on the subject, but lack simplicity in the presentation. 

So I am going to try (and please forgive me when I fail) to keep things as simple as possible.

A kung fu master approaches training with a beginner’s mindset. A bit counterintuitive, I know. 

When it comes to fitness and HEALTH, most people don’t want to do beginner exercises. Almost everyone thinks they are at an intermediate level.

They are constantly trying the hot new exercise trend due to boredom with the basics. This is understandable.

We all need a little motivation to train, right? That hot new thing can be the spark to get us started again.

Here’s a simple message:

“The best performers in any part of human achievement are just better than the rest at the basics.

Amateurs practice the basics until they feel they have it right.

Pros practice the basics until they don’t get it wrong.”

Don’t complicate your training. All the trendy exercises boil down to only a few basic movements, there is rarely anything new.  

At Wah Lum Kung Fu, all those cool Kung Fu moves are just the basics done REALLY well! (shhh… don’t tell anyone the secret!)

Why try to do a one arm pushup if you can’t even hold a plank position properly?
On my own journey, I had to get humble and stop thinking that I needed to do something original all the time.

I progressed the most when ideas were presented in a fresh way that helped me refocus and see a purpose behind the movements, rather than just going through the motions.

So, how do you filter your information? And what do you want to know more about?


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