Menu of Remote Coaching Options

Nutrition/Lifestyle Programs

  • 12 Fat Loss Habits: 12 Fundamental Fat Loss Habits (each habit is 14 days in length, so program goes for 6 months)

  • 30 Days of Eating Slowly and Mindfully

  • Clean and Lean Challenge* (6 week challenge based on one goal: getting you to eat real food! The beauty is the simplicity. No calorie counting or cycling of macronutrients. Eat real food, that’s the name of the game)

  • 30 Day Veggie Challenge

  • 60 Day Nutrition Essentials

  • Drop 2 Sizes in 8 Weeks*

  • Spooktacular Sugar Detox (24 day program to help you eat less added sugar between Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Individual Nutrition Habit Options

  • Keep a food journal

  • Eat slowly and mindfully

  • Eating just enough (stop when 80 percent full)

  • Eat lean protein with each meal

  • Eat 5 “fists” of vegetables

  • Make smart carbohydrate choices

  • Consume a variety of good fats

  • Plan your meals

  • Do your 5-10 minute body scan (mindfulness)

  • Drink only water, tea, or coffee

  • Minimize liquid calories

  • Sleep 7 hours or more tonight

  • Take your probiotic and fish oil

  • If you workout today, utilize proper workout nutrition

  • Limit or avoid eating added sugar

  • Be 100 percent aware of the treats you eat

  • Eat mostly whole foods

  • Move a little after your meals


Other Remote Coaching Options

  • Personalized Training Programs based on your choice of: Fat-loss, Muscle-Building, Strength-Building, General Fitness, Mobility

  • 30 Days to Better Habits (based on Atomic Habits)

  • Holiday Countdown (25-day challenge, you are asked to perform a simple movement task that only takes a few minutes. Simple and fun!)

  • FlexMastery 8-Week Course- Optimized Mobility for Martial Arts