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“Tina has cerebral palsy and was born 3 months premature.  She only weighed 800 grams when she was born, the right side of her body was paralyzed, and she could not see out of her right eye.  Tina has gone to occupational, physical,  and speech therapy since she was a baby.  She also started kung fu as a young child, so has always been active despite her condition.  Tina recently started a fitness program with Control Your Health and has been enjoying class immensely.  I’ve seen her more motivated than ever for exercise, and can see the benefits of the class after just a couple weeks.  She is so enthused by the training, she is encouraging friends on her Special Olympics bowling team to join the class too. *” — Mimi, Tina’s older sister

“Coach Oscar is the man. Extremely talented and passionate about all things fitness and health. Whatever your fitness goals Oscar can get you there. One of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve had many, From track, BJJ, Muay Thai and Krav Maga. Most recently he programmed and trained me for the Stongfirst certification in Philly. I’m happy to say I passed and was able to maximize my experience there due to Oscar. Did I mention I did this at the tender age of 50? Train with Oscar!”

— Jose Fuentes, Personal Trainer

“I am a 20 year Army-retired service-disabled veteran and a 21 year breakdance veteran. All my life, my body has been very active and taken a beating. Just before retiring, I was diagnosed with a hypermobile neck, two herniated disks on the lower spine, patellofemoral pain syndrome on both knees, and other ailments.

I was evaluated by the Army as 60% disabled. In the past, I have received pain killers, steroids, physical therapy and other methods to care for my permanent injuries; all of which had limited to no results. I never thought that I would be able to enjoy an active lifestyle again with all of the pain and discomfort I was enduring.

In my sadness, I ended up gaining weight and becoming a couch potato. My son, who is an active kung-fu student, at Wah Lum, recommended that I try the fitness training. He told me that the instructor, Oscar, is certified and knowledgeable in proper and effective physical fitness training.

I took my son’s advice and do not regret it one bit to this day. In about 4 months, I lost weight and became more active. I can feel my core getting stronger, and I no longer was experiencing any pain or discomfort with my ailments. The training sessions have helped me to breathe better, develop a better posture, build my core, and strengthen the muscles around my joints.

Without a doubt in my mind, I would recommend Control Your Health for those who are looking to become stronger, healthier, and physically fit. Control Your Health is the way to go!”

— Eric F., ROTC Instructor

“I’d heard of kettle bell training from friends that have done it for a couple of years now. So I was familiar with the benefits. I was also impressed with how a full body workout can be done in a relatively small space with a minimal amount of equipment. So when I found out the Temple was offering a kettlebell and training camp class, I jumped on it.  The two biggest benefits I’ve noticed from the training camp has been an increase in my physical endurance (been a real plus in my kung fu classes) and an increase in my upper body strength (which has been most noticeable when helping friends move or work on their vehicles).  I plan to carry this learning forward into my workout routine at home.”

— Jeremy B. Chief Technology Advisor

“After realizing that I was not in the shape I wanted to be, I went looking for a new way of training. I found Oscar at Control Your Health and although I was apprehensive at first, I decided to give it a try and see if it would fit my needs. I have now been going to the classes religiously for 6 months and have achieved great results. As the program is tailored to your own goals, it is much easier to feel the service is being personalized to your specifications.Oscar basically takes care of everything; all you need to do is be able to give him a clear goal and he will steer you in the right direction. He takes great pride in making sure you do not injure yourself while still challenging you to keep improving. As with anything in life, you get out of it as much as you are willing to put into it. For those on the fence I would say give it a few classes and decide for yourself. I do not like wasting time or money so you can say I took a risk, it payed off, and my body is glad I did.”

— A.R, Website Developer

“After I had back surgery, a main recommendation was to keep my core strong so my back issues did not flare up as I aged. I started to do other activities: running and bicycling. The FIT program is centered on core strength, conditioning, and interval training. And I found it a great “fit” for my other two activities as it compliments my overall endurance and strength training. I have seen great benefits since coming to FIT. Working with Oscar has been a fantastic experience; as he is always aware of what you’re doing to make sure you’re using the right technique and pushing you always to try harder! I recommend FIT to anyone who would like to make exercising a priority for overall health benefits.”

— Donna A., Business Analyst

“After doing Kung-Fu for several years I thought I was missing some aspects of my previous strength training. Since joining Control Your Health, I have been able to increase my strength and maintain it. I have also been able to get back other aspects that I had lost, pull-ups being one area. While training with Oscar I was able to reach one of my goals of being able to do a one legged squat. I have also learned about moving better which helps me to keep from injuring myself during other activities. I enjoy the extra motivation and interactions during the training sessions and the reminders to not take the easy way out.Give Control Your Health a try. Oscar is a great coach and the workouts and exercises not only build strength and coordination, but can easily be applied to every day. From little things as getting in and out of your car to working around the house. Learning to move correctly and strengthening your body pays off every day by making tasks easier and preventing injuries.”

— Jeremy R.

“Before staring training with Coach Oscar I had been working out on my own at a public gym.  I didn’t seem to be getting any results.  I was still greatly atrophied from major bone surgery over the past couple years and wanted to regain strength and mobility.  I signed up with Control Your Health and the results have been incredible.  As it turned out I was just throwing weights around and probably doing my body more harm than good.  In the last few months I’ve gained considerable strength, reduced back pain, increased balanced and stability and greatly improved overall mobility.Both my chiropractor and my massaged therapist have commented on the return of overall muscle mass.  Don’t try to go it alone.  If you want real results you need professional guidance.  My thanks to the Control Your Health team and Coach Oscar’s strength training program.”

— Reid C., Senior Art Director

“Taking classes with Oscar at Wah Lum has been a great way to get back into shape. The classes are fast paced, well structured and challenging. Oscar is a great instructor, very knowledgeable, able to recognize and correct flaws in technique before injury can occur without being judgmental, and keeps pushing everyone to improve their strength and endurance. Thanks..”

— Todd L., R.N.

I wasn’t 100% sure before, but after reading that, I’m ready to start training at Control Your Health!